Well here it is!  My very own blog!
 I have hmm’d and umh’d and procrastinated and put it off time and time again….  But this is no longer! I am ready to share what I have learned and experienced during my 45+plus years with horses.  And if what I share resonates with one person out there and it makes a difference to at least a single horse in the world I will feel I have succeeded!

For many years I have hidden in the shadows of a big guru or programme.  I have supported these people with total dedication and loyalty.  In return, I have gained invaluable knowledge and had experiences of a lifetime which I will be forever grateful for.  But now….

Connect with your horseIt is my time to shine…. It is my turn to be brave and put myself and my beliefs out there.  It is my turn to speak up for horses in spite of my fear of “social media criticism”.  I am prepared to take the brunt of it knowing that I come from a place of integrity and good intention.   It is time to believe in myself  and give myself permission to be commended and/or critized – publicly!



My Plan:  For the past 5 months, a fabulous group of “ladies that do horses” have been Beta Testing a course I have created . The feedback has been phenomenal.  At one point, the positive feedback scared me so much that it set me off hiding again!  I would like to thank each and everyone of these ladies for supporting me and helping me get the Softness Training Programme out into the world.

If you are reading this and thinking “I want to go out there and share my stuff and shine, too”, I seriously recommend you read Gay Hendrick’s book “The Big Leap”.  It helped me understand why we hold ourselves back and keep ourselves just short of being fabulous, successful geniuses!  We all have a “genius at something” hiding in us… it is time to let it shine!

My “genius at something” is helping people create softness and connection with their horses, from the ground and in the saddle…therefore I can’t wait to share it with you all!

I’ll be back soon with more.

Until then, please give your horse a big smooch from me!