"I believe in soft, connected horses.
I also believe that soft, connected horses are happy horses!"

Monica Andréewitch


What is Softness Training?

Softness Training TM is an online horse training programme that helps you create a softer, calmer, more willing and connected partnership with your horse. It focuses on where your horses’ thoughts are every moment you are with them and teaches you how to interact with them in a way that makes them feel they have a say in what is being requested from them.

Is this programme for you?


Yes, if you are a first time horse owner looking for ways of understanding your horse better and doing things in a way that ensures your horse is happy.
Yes, if you are a competent rider that needs a little help with niggly things like:

* Being able to catch your horse easily
* Being able to put on the saddle & bridle without complaints by your horse.
* Having your horse stand still at the mounting block.
* Leading quietly to and from the field, without being pushed or dragged!
* Creating softness in your horse from the ground and whilst in the saddle

Yes, if you are a rider that is looking for ways of improving your horses softness... both laterally and vertically.
Yes, if you are a horse owner or rider that loves to learn about what it is YOU can do to make your horse’s time with you better!
Yes, if you are looking for ways of developing the connection you have with your horse, whatever it is you do!

Small print: Before you embark on this or any training programme, make sure your horse if free of pain by consulting the relevant professionals. Lameness, sore necks, backs or bum, sharp teeth, ill fitting tack (bridles and saddles).... all need to be in order! A little stiffness or lack of suppleness with be helped enormously by this programme if we know all this “physical issues” have been dealt with.

Would you like to find out more?

You can schedule a free private 45 Minute call with Monica and find out, how she can help you to create a better partnership with your horse.

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First connect, then ask

When I started looking into “horsemanship”, as opposed to “equestrianism”, I found that a common denominator in my work was the fact that I intuitively connected with my horse before I asked him to do anything. “Horsemanship” gave me the tools that I was missing in my “Dressage” training to communicate more clearly and in a more consistent way. It was also a more mindful way – mindful of what my horse’s view was on what was being requested from him. Furthermore, I learnt to ask in a way that my horse felt safe to say no!

Once I made sure my horse was ready to offer what I requested both physically AND emotionally, magic began to happen.

Every instant we interact with our horse we are teaching him something. When we are very conscious and mindful of the way we interact from the very instant we enter their space in the field or on the yard, we start creating very special partnerships.

Creating Special Partnerships

The Softness Training Programme is my contribution to you, horse lovers all over the world. Through it I trust I will help you learn how to read your horse´s body language and figure out where his thoughts are.

This way you will be able to communicate with your horse in a way that really makes sense to him: clearly, concisely, consistently. This will create the special partnerships we all dream of with our horse. I have been blessed with many such special partnerships with over the years... I can’t wait to share my experience with you!

How it works

The programme is a self-paced, online course presented in three Modules.

When you purchase your modules, you receive access to a private Facebook Group and will be able to attend monthly Group Coaching Calls via private webinars. These will give you the chance to obtain personalized online video feedback and have your questions answered live.

You will also enjoy the support of The Softness Training Community on the Facebook Group with its training videos, articles and interaction with other students of the programme.

It offers different levels of membership, to suit your needs...and the first month is totally FREE!

Module 1:

Introducing Softness through Connection:

This module is suitable for every horse/human combination! It gives you tools and skills to create softness through connecting with your horse in everyday tasks like approaching, haltering, leading, tying up, grooming and putting your horse away for the day. Even if you only run through this Module you will see a remarkable (money back guaranteed) difference in your horse.

Module 2:

Creating Lateral Softness from the Ground:

This module is the perfect sequel to Module 1 if you are interested in exploring how you can help your horse to be laterally soft with ground work exercises. It is suitable for horses that have already be halter trained and are either in ridden work or about to start ridden work (not suitable for young, unstarted horses (ie 0 to 4 years). It is also perfect for horses that need help with softness, self carriage, desire to move forward or willingness to stop! The sequence of exercises you learn in this module will be a fabulous warm up later for any ridden session and will start developing your horse's self carriage and good posture without even having to get on their backs. (Available Late 2017)

Module 3:

Maintaining Softness in the Saddle:

While I would strongly recommend you complete Module 2 before starting this one, Module 3 can also continue on from Module 1. It starts with a lesson on Tacking up with Softness and Warming Up maintaining Connection (condensed version of Module 2) and then continues on to teach you skills to maintain and expand the softness you have created thus far. It will set your horse up for any discipline you would like to explore – from Happy Hacking to High Level Competition. I can’t wait to hear about your feedback when you find yourself picking up the slack in the reins because your horse is travelling in a nice, round outline rather than using your reins to create that outline! (Available Early 2018)


“I never thought I could have such a happy boy”

Napoleon and I have gained so much from this course. I have learned to listen to him and not avoid the issues we have. Even to the point of getting on him, this was the horse who reared to be tacked up. (Which we can now do from the correct side and with the numnah and girth attached to the saddle). I am staying as long as possible. I feel I owe it to him. Jineta is so connected to me she follows me like a dog, even when I have not connected to her. I think (in her mind) oh at last you can understand me.


Thank you Monica.

R. Cunningham

“This course has expanded my whole thinking”

Monica hat mit ihren immensem Wissen, einer hervorragenden Mischung aus Feingefühl und viel Humor einen Lehrgang geschaffen, der eine Beziehung zwischen Mensch und Pferd erlaubt, die ich vorher nicht für möglich gehalten hätte.
Dieser Lehrgang hat mein gesamtes Denken erweitert und ich habe gelernt wie mein Pferd weich und nachgiebig wird und wir uns gegenseitig mehr Vertrauen schenken.
Diesem Kurs empfehle ich jedem , der seine Mensch-Pferd-Beziehung auf die nächste Stufe bringen möchte.
Vielen Dank Monica!


“I start my sessions with more connection now”

I met Monica two months ago on her ranch in Spain and she told me about her Softness Training Programme. I already have quite some experience with Horsemanship, but I am always looking for ways to improve myself and my relationship with the horses I work with. The word ‘softness’ immediately got my attention and I decided to give it a go!I have changed things like the way I approach my horse in the field and I love it. I start my sessions with more softness and connection now and I can not wait for the next Modules to be launched!

N. van der Sluis

“We both improved and deepened our relationship”

I had great help from Monica Andréewitch. I rescued 2 lovely horses just over a year ago and they both had negative baggage. With the soft approach and patience I learned from Monica we both improved and deepened our relationship. I learned to listen better and have more consideration. This made me feel much closer to them. I am really happy for all the help,

Thanx Monica.


“I love these workshops”


Monica is an amazing horsewoman and a gifted instructor. I love attending her workshops – she always makes the learning fun and has a way of explaining things that makes new concepts so much easier to understand.

Fiona Syrett